SharePoint is easier than you might think

Date: Jul 8, 2020

SharePoint is easier than you might think

Having all your documents and data in one place where you can search, publish and collaborate seems like a great idea which is why it is interesting that so many businesses shy away from using SharePoint and instead stick with traditional file storage on a file server or network storage device.

Being able to access all your documents and data in one place, securely, from anywhere would also be great.

Being able to sync data to your computer so you can also work on it when you are offline would also be fantastic.

Well you can do all the above by switching to SharePoint online, part of Microsoft 365.

The Infrastructure Business has helped many businesses migrate their data to the Microsoft cloud, including undertaking analysis of the business data, helping with the taxonomy and data classification, data tagging and classification. 

To help businesses further we can also put controls in place within SharePoint and Microsoft 365 to ensure compliance with regulation and to create policies to help with discovery such as subject access requests. 

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