IT Strategy & Planning

  • Accelerate growth

    All businesses need a regularly updated IT strategy.

    Without one you are missing out on accelerating your growth and risk losing time and money with your staff fighting outdated and unsuitable software and processes.

    Without a coherent IT strategy you lose time from constantly firefighting small issues and miss new opportunities

    Not every company has reached the point where they have the resources to employ a full time IT director. Which is why our virtual IT director service exists – to give your company the insight and knowledge needed to create and implement an IT strategy that accelerates your business strategy.

    Accelerate growth Accelerate growth
  • IT Discovery

    Whether you need a business wide strategy or need help with a specific IT project we can create the holistic strategy you need.

    Our first step is to take a deep dive into your business. We engage with stake holders to ensure we understand your broader goals, challenges and business strategy. We engage with your IT department and staff to discover where the bottlenecks are and where there is room for optimisation.

  • Success

    Plan for success

    Our virtual IT director will create an IT strategy that will empower your company’s growth. With an IT strategy that meshes with your overall business strategy you can plan for the future and sidestep potential pitfalls.

    Our strategies are based on proven methodologies and techniques that will deliver clear results

    We deliver a clear roadmap for how to take your existing IT infrastructure forward. To create a system that works for your business and your team, delivering clear benefits for everyone.

  • Stay current

    Your business and the technology landscape are ever changing. Without an evolving IT strategy you put your business at risk.

    With regular engagement we’ll make sure your IT strategy evolves with your business and the latest technologies. Get a competitive edge with the latest technologies. Discover and avoid new obstacles before they impact your business.

  • Maximise your efficiency

    With technology such an integral part of business life there’s always opportunity to use it more effectively and turbo charge your business.

    Wouldn’t you prefer to give your team more time to do their job rather than employ extra staff to compensate for inefficient IT and working practices? We’ll help you find software and systems that will allow your team to concentrate on making you money rather than fighting unsuitable software, or being encumbered by outdated processes.

    Reduce your office costs, and boost staff retention by setting up remote working and smart offices. What may seem like a daunting task, can be broken down into easy to implement tasks and overseen by experts with years of experience.

    How we help...

    Grow faster with an IT strategy

    Supplier management

    Ditch outdated technologies

    Find new technologies to save time and money

    Disaster recover & BCP

    Governance & Compliance

    Recruiting IT staff

    Program & Project management


  • Implementing your IT strategy

    With an IT strategy in place we become a resource to empower your IT department to implement it.

    We become a resource to support your IT department, whatever they need to meet your goals we are there to help them in the most efficient way possible.

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