Virtual IT Director

  • Benefits

    All the benefits of an IT director without the cost

    Get all the cost saving and efficiency benefits of an IT director by employing a virtual IT director immediately. Even if a full time IT director is not practical there’s no need for that to hold back your growth with outdated processes.

    More than just a substitute for an IT director, our virtual IT director has the benefit of seeing first hand all kinds of strategies across multiple businesses. And that broad experience, both positive and negative, ensures that you get the kind of insight that you wouldn’t be able to get from a person locked into a single company and stay ahead of your competition.

    Benefits Benefits
  • Our role

    The role of a virtual IT director

    The on demand nature of a virtual IT director means that our talents can be applied to your most pressing challenges. This can range from broader tasks like aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy, or finding efficiencies in your current IT practices to more specific tasks like setting up remote working or smart offices.

    Help develop and execute the business IT strategy

    Help to drive more value from your IT investment

    Develop IT budgets and operating models

    Board level reporting and regular MI updates
    Evaluate suppliers and contracts
  • Our approach

    Understanding your business and your strategic goals is key to delivering the best solutions to enable you to scale.

    We work with everyone, from the director level, through your IT department to the frontline staff to identify bottlenecks and opportunities.

    We will provide you with a clear, actionable strategy that will enable you to accelerate your growth and ditch legacy technologies that are holding you back.

    With an IT strategy in place we will work closely with your team to help implement it and to support them throughout. We continue to refine the strategy to meet new challenges you face and to take advantage of new technologies, constantly sharpening your competitive edge.

  • Multiple sectors

    Who we work with

    IT is a universal language across all businesses, it’s also a universal challenge. We work across all sectors to ensure your IT strategy is working towards your goals, not against them. Here’s a handful of the sectors we’ve worked in:


    Charity Medical
    Local & Central Government Military
    Manufacturing Property
    Retail Leisure

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